6 Steps to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

My wife and I are excited to share with you one of the most down to earth ways to make your  own cold brew coffee.  We have been perfecting this process, and are pleased to show you this step by step process of how to make your own cold brew coffee.  In these instructions we will be making 1/2 gallon using our most popular cold brew kit. To purchase this kit or browse through our selection, click "The Coffee Shop" button above!

Now on to the good stuff!


Cold Brew Coffee Instructions

TIP: you can download and print these instructions by clicking the "Downloads" button above.

Items needed:

1. One Stitch+Brew Half Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Filter.

2. A ½ gallon container.

3. One and a half cups of your favorite coffee coarsely ground.

4. Water.



1. Pour one and one half cups of your coarsely ground coffee into your cold brew coffee filter.

Tip: Use clip on top of jar to hold filter in place.

2. Begin pouring water into the opening of the filter making sure that all coffee grounds are wet. Do this until you have filled up the 1/2 gallon container.

3. Tie the top of your filter so that the grounds are secure in the filter.

4. Push filter into jar.

5. Close lid and place in your refrigerator.

6. Let brew for at least 12 hours

Tip: Test your cold brew coffee at different times after the initial 12 hours, and decide what strength you like. After reaching the desired strength, simply dispose of coffee grounds, and rinse filter.


And there you have it! Freshly brewed cold brew coffee. After it is done you can keep it for up to 2 weeks in your refrigerator. If it lasts that long! 


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